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Assistant professor Math Department Universidad de los Andes.

E-mail: Institutional:
aberenst  at  uniandes(dot)edu(dot)co

You may also try this address: aberenst  at  gmail(dot)com

Office Phone number:
(57)(1)3394949 Ext 3652.


Vector Calculus and Abstract Algebra.

I work on the Model Theory of Metric Structures, Geometric Theories, and dense-codense pairs of geometric structures.


Small CV:
1997-2002 Ph.D University of Notre Dame, advisor Steven Buechler.

2002-2005 Doob Research Assistant Professor (Postdoc) University of Illinois.

2005-2007 Assistant Professor Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

2007-2010 Assistant Professor Universidad de los Andes.

2008-2009 Visiting researcher Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

2010- Associate Professor Universidad de los Andes .

2020- Full Professor Universidad de los Andes .

My CV (Spanish) , (English).

My coauthors are: Camilo Argoty, Itai Ben Yaacov, Steven Buechler ,Juan Felipe Carmona, Clifton Ealy , Alf Dolich , Darío García , C. Ward Henson, Tapani Hyttinen, Ayhan Gunaydin , Hyeungjoon Kim, Julien Melleray , Jorge Daniel Muñoz, Alf Onshuus , Ziv Shami, Alex Usvyatsov , Evgueni Vassiliev , Andres Villaveces , Rafael Zamora and Tingxiang Zou.


XIX Latinoamerican Simposium on Mathematical Logic. San José, Costa Rica, July 2022.