Second Workshop on Model Theory: Dependent Theories.

Bogota, Colombia - March 25th to March 29th of 2008

This is the second workshop of a series in recent results in model theory organized by the logic group of Bogota. This workshop is about Dependent Theories (or Theories without the Independence Property).


There are no fees (except for traveling and local expenses). Please contact Alex Berenstein (aberenst(at) Andres Villaveces (avillavecesn(at) if you need more information.


The workshop is divided into two parts, a tutorial during the first three days (Tuesday March 25th, Wednesday March 26th and Thursday March 27th) and conference talks during the last day and a half (Friday March 28th and Saturday March 29th morning).
  • Tutorials on Dependent Theories (Tu, W, Th) given by:
    • Lou van den Dries (UIUC)
    • Anand Pillay (Leeds)
    • Alex Usvyatsov (Lisboa)
    The attendants are expected to be familiar with basic tools in Model Theory. The tutorials will be in the morning, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon there will be problem solving sessions. Thursday afternoon will be free.
  • Schedule (Tu, W, Th):
    • 9:00 to 12:30 tutorials (Sala Hermes)
    • 3:00 to 4.30: exercise sessions (Tu:Sala Hermes, W:Sala de Conf. SD-10th floor)
  • Meeting in Dependent Theories (F: Sla de Conf, SD 10th floor, S: Sala Hermes):Titles and Abstracts
    • 9:00 Alex Usvyatsov.
    • 10:30 Isaac Goldbring.
    • 11:30 Alice Medvedev.
    • 3:00 Azadeh Neman.
    • 4:00 Alex Berenstein.
    • 10:00 Itai Ben Yaacov
    • 11:00 Janak Ramakrishnan Slides.
  • Andres' Map Hotel-Univ. de los Andes, restaurants, etc MAP


Please contact the organizers for information